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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  January 24, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EST

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arrested with his pants down. where a local priest was caught half naked and the charges he faces this morning. 3 so sad over the ravens loss... you're gettinggphysically sick? how experts say you can get over... "ravens depression." 3 3nats! nats!and an avalanche rescue... caught on a relaxing snowmobile trip... took a turn for the worse! 3 3 - inner harbor s tuesday, january 24th.- 3
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3 harford county police arrest a an adult happend here with more on what the is priest told police as he was being arrested. good morning patrice,it was insideethis adult bookstore where detectives say they
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stew bullock. in the back of this building... there are four theatres and that's where &ppolice say they found... father bullock the other night sitting in a dark theatre naked from the waste down where others customers could see him. (monica) 13:09:09 and he was visible to other patrons within the book store (bob) 11:29:43 we can't be back there every five minutes and waach what's going on as he as getting dressed police say father bullock repeatedly apoligized and explained how he was a priest in baltimore... at towson's immaculate conception and even helped out in admmnistering sacraments to roman catholic patients at g-b-m-c.father bullock has now been reeoved from duty.he can no longer live at the parish or present he's also been ordered to undergo a mental evaluation byy the archdiocese.not to mention... he's chargee withh indecent exposure which carries a maxium fine of 11 &pthousand dollars and three years behind bars.megan gilliland, fox45 morning news.
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in wicomico county... a teacher is accused of having sex with students... repeatedly. repeatedly.43 year old steven kiggins was arrested thursday. he teaches and is head football coach at wicomico high school.he's accused of classroom ... roughly once a week... for two years.kiggins has been released on 50- thousand dollars bond. bond.he's no longer teaching. meanwhile... in 2007... kiggins ... pled guilty to having sex... with a 16 year &pold player. the investigation continues into the discovery of a dead man... in the sheraton hotel downtown.paramedics found the 62-year-ood man in the hotel just before 10 monday morning .he was rushed to university hospital... where he was pronounced dead.medical exaaiiers are looking into it. 3 3 first on fox ... the baltimore city fire department has suspended its dive team
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after a near deadly incident involving a team meeber. memmer. the dive team hassbeen used in such emergenciis as that deadly water taxiiaccident that happened at the inner harbor in 2004. responses have now been stopped... as the fire deparment tties to figure out why a diver's air supplyywas cut-off during a search last month for a missing montgomery county boater. the diver was revived. while the investigationncontinues... there are questions over whether the city is at risk of a timely response if nneded. (cartwright) "i absoluuely would not say that this is a hazard. we don't have dive or recovery water rescue accidents every single day. we do have a few throughout aa year's time, a calendar year. but i wouldn't say that thii is a detrement to what we do on a day to day basis." basis." chief cartwright says during its dive team's suspension.. the fire department depends on its partnership with city police divers and other teams in the area to ensure a timely emergency. y water rescue
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p,3 the ravvns... pack it up for the season.. 3theeteam reported for one last time this season, yesterday at owings mills.john harbaugh and staff wrapped uu their finaa team meeting.then it waa up to the players to back up their locker room for home until mid- april.teammates saying goodbye... maybe for the final time... loading up on signed jerseys and autographs... things to keep theememory fresh offa great season. terrell suggs: "it just hurts because everybody knows, youu know, what kind of team we are, what kind of ccliber all know we could do it. you all know we could've done it yesterday and anything less than a super bowl is definitely an underachievement."bill cundiff: "it's tough to disappoint your teammates. it's tough to go out there and fail but at the same time i've had a lot of success. i feel like i'm going to continue to have success. and you got to
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know what's really important and for me family really helps." helps."the ravens finished 13 and 5. ravens-nation... is slowly coming out of a funk....after sunday night's tragic loss to the new england patriots... dashing any hopes of a superbowl win.but is there an actual ravens depression? depression?we spoke with a ppychologist... who says fans were so invested in the game... that many people are suffering from various levels of loss and depression. he says some people can get so upset, they get physcially sick: "the degree of enthusiam that po many fans had would certainly lend itself to profound diappointment, intense depression, acute depre" depression"doctors say they best way to get through this type of depression... can be daily exercise, spritual contemplation or simply talking it out. 3 3 governor o'malley lays out his
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priorities for the 2012 general assembly. two things on the list... wind power... and same ssx marriage.the governor says wind turbines off thh coast of ocean city will expand maryland's green energy plan.o'malley also plans to lobby for passage of a same sex marriage bll. (governor) "what sort of state do you want your children to live in? one here we have two classes of children, one with a lesser protection under the law than others? that doesn't seem to me to square with our notions of equal protection under the law." passed the state sennte last year... but failed to pass the house. 3 3 the g-o-p presidential nominees have their sights set on florida.with 3 winners in 3 different priiaries... ánattonallyá... polls show mitt romney still has the lead for the nomination nominationbut a look att
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florida polls shows neww gingrich seems to have the average of recent polls in that stateeshows gingriih with a áslimá lead... but the two most recent polls show gingrich has a lead greater than 5 points. everyone has their eyes set on gingrich. mitt romney relentlessly attacking gingrich at each appearance since áheá arrived in the sunshine state ... calling the former speaker of the house... a lobbyist. romney says: "if you're working for a company, getting paid through a company through one of your many entities and you're speaking with congressmen in a waa that would help thattcoopany, that's lobbyyng." lobbying."gingrich says: "we moved from romney's pious baloney to desperate baloney, &pas president he'll be able to open a delicatessen delicatessen the florida primary will be very different than the first 3.the staae has 19 million peopll... more than the first 3 states pombined.and ii's the first state with a large hispanic population.the primary is next week. the race for the white house -
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on our website...go to fox- baltimore dot com and click on the vote 2012 icon in the news stories on our website are free tonight... president obama will deliver his last state of the uniin address before he's up for greg black explains... it comes smack dab in the middle of heated battle for the republican presidential nominat. nominaaion. --nats of applause--president obama takes the ssotlight tonight when he delivers his annual state f the union addressit's a chance to steal some thunder from the republican white house hopefuls and tt make an impact with congress...and the nation. "he knows what he's about and he knows how he wants to present in this picture of the state of our union and his vision going forward."the focus offhis address will be on the economy and job creation.the white house gave a hint of what to expect in a video released over the weekend."we can go in two directions. one is toward less opportunity and less fairness. or we can fight for
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where i think we neee to o, building an economy that works for everyone. not just a wealthy few. on tuesday night, i'm going to talk about how we'll get there."indianaa governor mitch daniils will deliver the the republican address.herman cain will ggve the tea party speakerrjohn boehner already gave is critique."it sounds to me like the same policiess will be seen: more spending, higher taxes, more regulations. the same policies that haven't helped our econnmy they and if that's what the president's going to talk about tuesday night that's pathetic."congresswoman gabrielle giffords will attend the address before she steps down.the arizona democrat is resigning this week o recover from a brain injury she suffered when she was shot last year.i'm greg black reporting. this will be the president's third state of the union address.the white house says it won't only focus on the economy.a democcatic source says he'll also address clean energy and housing. they bought a zoo.
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in cecillcounty, a family is living out its dream and saving a local landmark at the same time. time. joel d. smith is streaming now... in rising sun with jimmie the giraffe, and the rest of the plumpton park zoo friends. good morninn joel d. 3
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3 3 3 &pherrfamily pet... kklled in cold blood.'s ggnna take a long time to get over it." it."the state senator proposing a law... punish and even áembarassá animal abusers. abusers. ((breakk1)) ((bump in)) 3
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senseless kklling, this was a beautiful puppy" puppy"but first...a beloved pet... shot to eath.the law proposed... that's similar to a sex offender registry... but for ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine a pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a pnc performance select checking account and get up to 1.75% cash back for just about every purchase. learn more and apply today at pnc bank. for the achiever in you. a maryland lawmaker wants to
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publicly embarrass people who are found guilty of animal abuse. the state senator abuse registry. the bill is being called heidi's law...and matt ackland tells us why. she was puppy who loved to play. heidi, a golden retriever was shot and killed earlier this month in "it's gonna take a long time to et over it." lynette kaufmann has been heartbroken since she found heidi dead in a field neaa her home. although there is an 8-thousand dollar reward..still, no one has been arrested. young: "this was just a viccous senseless killing, ttis was a beautiful puppy" state senator ronald young, a animal lover himself says it's time to do more to punish..even embarrass those who abuse animals.young: "it's an indication of a problem and something i think people should be aware of." just like a sex offender registry..senator young would like to create another registry for those who are in the state of aaimal abuse -
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addresses would be there for everyone to see. young: "i hope it might stop ssmebody from doing it but if it doesn't do that t least people will know who and wherr theyyare." there has public outrage...ann an outpouring of support since heidi was killee.kaufmann: ""i get cards addressed to lynette kaufman, golden retriever lady, middletown maryland, they don't have an address, but they deliver them to me." lynette says she'd prevent what happened to heidi. young: "i think it would make people think twice." senator young: doesn't believe this new registry will extra money. in fact as part of his plan he believes an offender should pay 50 dollars a year to keep the pite up and running. straight ahead... the company thattmakes the "blackberry"... has a new top guy.the plans he has in store... for the smartphone. going up... much...
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♪ --reporter pkg pkg--s folllos -- direction monday - a siin h iivestors are still uncertain about the debt talks in greece. the dow closed 11 points lower at 12, 708.the nasdaq. and the european union is playing hardball wiih iran - imposing sanctions against the mideast country.restrictions include pmporting iranian crude oil and limiting iran's trade of gold and other ppecious metals. the e-u hopes the sanctions will discourage iran from developing its nuclear program. research in motion.thorsten heins is taking over as c-e-o. the blackberry manufacturer has slipped in the industry ranks, but heins sees a very bright future."innovation is endless, right? so i mean, we into new domains, new regions, and figuring out what to do." but rim shares lost 8% monday after heins comments that he same path. if you need to he - mail a letter, bring an extra penny to the post office.the price of a first class stamp is up from 444cents, to 45-cents.the cash-strapped postal service hopes that will bring in 888-million dollars in added annual revenue.the increase does not impact forever stamps purchased before sunday.for business brief, i'm elizabeth corridan -----end-----cnn.script-----
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coming up... a snowmoble trip.. gone wrong. how some quick-thinking helped save a man... from an avalanche. avalanche.police arrest a half naked priest at and adult book store.i'm megan gilliland, the charges he faces this morning and the local that answers my question. thank you. you bet. wow. man: do your simple return with the turbotax federal free edition, and now get our free, one-on-one, expert tax advice, live by phone or chat. get the federal free edition, at
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